, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Denver, CO

Are you tired of knowing what you should do to change your life but you can't seem to do it? Your conscious mind knows the changes you should make but your subconscious keeps you doing the same things over and over again. Hypnosis can change that!

, Spiritual Healer, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach
Paramus, NJ

Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed, DD is a gifted intuitive, spiritual healer, inspirational speaker, and author of the book COURAGEOUS WAKE. She has been called a "visionary with a twist of humor" by her peers and clients.

Philadelphia, PA
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Doris Jeanette is the author of “Opening the Heart “ and 12 other self-help products. She directs The Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program and her popular, free weekly newsletter “The Vibrant Moment” has inspired thousands for six years.

Seattle, WA
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Soul Level Intuitive and Clairvoyant reading sessions. Compassionate and clear psychic (soul) view of your path, blocks, and learning in this lifetime. Ask about job, career, relationship, love, next step, life. YoTake control of your own destiny.