Author: Erika Marcoux, MA in Counseling (Erka Marcoux, MA)
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Not necessarily. We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order to function effectively. The important thing is balance.

Think about stress from a physical perspective. Stress was originally a mechanical term. It refers to measuring the internal forces that act within a physical body. Let’s consider gravity to be that force. Gravity is what makes our bones and muscles strong. Astronauts in zero-gravity conditions experience bone deterioration, muscle atrophy, and decrease production of red blood cells. In short, we need stress to be physically healthy.

Now there is the more popular meaning of stress. This can be physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral. The definition here is the failure of the physical body to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined. Let’s consider external challenges to be that force. We are in a constant state of adaptation in relation to external challenges. Our ability to adapt and grow is what makes us resilient. Learning to maintain a condition of balance within our internal environment while faced with external challenges is what life is all about.

The great news is that I can help you to find and maintain this balance. My healthcare system teaches you how to adapt to and incorporate stress as a means to remain strong and flexible on all levels.

Remember, Your Well-Being is My Business!

Erika Marcoux, MA
Mindfulness Teacher, Masters in Counseling Psychology