Author: Massage Therapy (Jini Carlson)
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Food and Flexibility

The two things I treat most in my practice are what to eat to maintain desired body weight and reach optimum athletic performance, and the need to create maximum flexibility - 100% of range of motion at all the body joints.
With nutrition and diet, the information overwhelm world we live in has lots of conflicting and misleading information that leaves the average consumer scratching their head as who and what to believe.   The need to stretch and stay flexible, however, rarely gets much media attention. Watch a tall tree sway in the wind and marvel at its grace, flexibility, and ability to keep from breaking, and you will get my point.  Our bodies are no different.  The more flexible we are and fluid our joints and muscles are, the less prone we are to injuries, and the more stronger our muscles.
When a golfer has tight shoulder, neck, hip or lower back muscles, they loose the ability to turn the shoulders and shift the weight to the back leg at take away, and then at the start of the down swing, the weight shift to the front leg and the rotation of the waist to the target.  This lack of flexibility results in too much club head speed to hit the ball for any  considerable distance, and makes them prone to “stiff arming” the swing and create a “grass raper”.  The way to avoid these issues is with some specific stretches and conditioning/strengthening exercises, and massage/body work.
The area of nutrition is actually very simple, albeit in the fast paced fast-food world we life in, most find it challenging.  A good portion of some of the “stuff” labeled “food”, doesn’t meet nature’s definition – it is manufactured by man, contains preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors and packaged in cans, bags, and cartons.   
The “fuel” our bodies were designed to run on is raw, fresh, vine ripened fruits and veggies… 9-13 servings of each every day.  For those of us who can’t, don’t or won’t do this, there is a cutting edge whole food nutritional supplement called Juice Plus+ that fills in the gaps for us on these days.  It’s 17 fruits and veggies in capsules and has extensive medical/clinical research behind it; antioxidant level increases in the blood stream, improved immune system function, DNA protection, reduced oxidative stress in the body, and cardio vascular wellness.  JP+ is also available in Soft Chewy’s for children.  If you would  like more info go to my website and check it out.  No matter what challenges you have going on with your body, eating the right foods will improve it.    
Food is the most powerful drug on the planet – Chlorophyll, found in dark green leafy veggies, repairs soft tissue and helps relief pain.  Those with Fibromyalgia, like myself, need extra magnesium, which is found in many fruits and veggies, to help their muscle pain.  Additionally, fruits and veggies keep our bodies pH in a more alkaline state – which helps eliminate inflammation and the creation of tendonitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, heart disease, etc.
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