Relationships and Intimacy

It can happen gradually. One day you realize that although there is still love, there is no real connection anymore between you and your partner and you realize there never really was one.

Parenting and Family Functioning

We send out kids to the best schools and do whatever we can for them. But there are other aspects to helping them grow up well. And all of these have to do with us. Not with them.

Quality of Life and Happiness

Little girls who may live without a father due to death, abandonment, divorce, or a physically present fathers who is emotionally absent, or a workaholic, etc. This may affect the entire life.

Quality of Life and Happiness

As children our parents often told us to be responsible for what we do. But claiming responsibility for the self is more. It literally means to be responsible for all that goes on "within" the self.

Fear and Phobias

Generally speaking anxiety is not difficult to treat. Let me help you appreciate your anxiety as a good friend who is trying to call your attention to a source of inner turmoil.


One of the things I continue to be impressed with despite my 30 years of practice is our harshness toward ourselves when we are depressed.

Sex and Sexuality

Women in general have a pretty twisted sense of body image. Those insecurities are personified when it comes to their vaginas.

Career and Work

Captain Sullenberger successed in landing his air craft in the Hudson. He brought with him the skills, training and a mindset all of us can learn from and apply to our careers and lives.

Career and Work

Tough times require a new perspective on money, time, relationships and career. Finding abundance within and in the basics of life is the best reward.

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Frustrated with the different age workers at your organization? Here's an article that will help you deal with different generations in the workplace.

Career and Work

I just found out last week that sometimes the best place to go to work on your business is a thousand feet up.

Sex and Sexuality

We’ve been taught since birth that speaking about sex is taboo. Suddenly, we are grown up and want to say something to our partner but do not know where to begin.

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Learning a new skill, whether it be running, blogging, cooking, or anything requires far more than taking classes and reading books.

Sex and Sexuality

I read a depressing statistic: 64% of men in the U.S. do not make plans for Valentine’s Day. To add insult to injury, 15% of women in the U.S. send themselves flowers .

Sex and Sexuality

Since Viagra, the drug industry giants have been scrambling to come out with an equivalent sex aid for women. Women have shelled out around $200 million for bogus products.