, Mindfulness Teacher
Austin, TX
Life Coaches

“I’m a mindfulness teacher with a masters degree in counseling psychology. I specialize in teaching you how to meditate so that you can be self-empowered. Connect with yourself!"

Bettendorf, IA

I do have extensive training and expertise in clinical, counseling and transpersonal/integral psychology. I provide face-to-face and online support for those willing to work on themselves: depression, anxiety, coping, sexual, intimacy issues...

Boise, ID

I view acceptance, compassion, respect as the building blocks of a therapeutic relationship. I work to create an environment where you can feel safe to express both your thoughts and feelings while you work to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

, Therapist
Brooklyn, NY
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Do you often find yourself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Is it affecting your work and relationships? Counseling can help you to more effectively manage your stress and improve your work performance and relationships.

Butler, WI

“Dr. Cindy” Solliday[-McRoy] is a Health Psychologist from America’s heartland who has quickly emerged as an innovative leader in the provision of “Integrative Psychological Services.”

, Marriage and Family Therapist
Campbell, CA

I have many tools to help you learn to communicate in ways that are received positively by your significant other, decreasing fighting, disconnection, and pain, and increasing connectedness, joy and feelings of safety, and of being loved and wanted.

, Psychologist
Clinton, MS
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Dr. Nona Owens provides therapy for the child, teen, adult, or family who is dealing with behavior or emotional problems. Therapy for those experiencing problems from a bad relationship, as well as help for anxiety, depression, or anger is offered.

Dallas, TX
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Please go to www.karenisrael.com for much more information on me and my practice. I am currently accepting new clients.

Denver, CO

My associates and I specialize in rapid effective treatment. We work with individuals, couples and kids with stress, depression, anxiety, excessive anger, and relationship difficulties. Please call our secretary for more info. She's friendly-

, Registered Psychological Assistant
Fullerton, CA
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I work with individuals struggling with eating disorders; couples struggling to be happy in their relationships, and clients who want Christian counseling.

Greensboro, NC
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John is licensed in North Carolina as a Psychological Associate and Professional Counselor. He has been in private practice since 1988, after four years as a school psychologist.

, Licensed Professional Counselor
Greenwood Village, CO

Denver Tech Center counseling practice for couples, anxiety sufferers, trauma survivors and new parents. Individual and group counseling for Anxiety.

Greenwood Village, CO

Office Locations in Denver Tech Center and in Parker off of Mainstreet and Twenty Mile. Both locations working with individuals, couples, adolescents and families. Yoga therapy also available for injuries, stress, anxiety, pre and postnatal issues

, Psychotherapist
Hillsborough, NJ
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Individual and Family Psychotherapy-Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families I draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches by using creative approaches that work best for you and that help you reach your personal goals and maximum potential.

, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Laguna Hills, CA
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Are you struggling with an issue that you just cannot get past? I help individuals, couples and families tell their stories and transform their lives through counseling. Call me for a free phone consultation today 949.682.6417!