About Liquic
Liquic strives to be the world’s most respected website dedicated to quality of life. By bringing together the traditional world psychology, the practical hands-on touch of the coaching and counselling industry, and the exciting techniques of alternative and holistic wellness, we are able to create a flavor which meets the demands of a dissatisfied, yet growing group of people.
We serve the needs of these people by providing them a wealth of information, news, and media on the various subjects within quality of life – health, family, finances, work, and relationships. A directory of professionals on the site will provide our visitors with access to the experts in various related fields who are best able to guide them.

About the owners
Liquic is the brain-child of John Khoury en Roeland Raijmakers.

Roeland and John both share common interests in the human psyche and the possibilities brought forth by the internet to increase the quality of information that people are receiving on subjects important to them. These interests have culminated in the birth of this site.

John Khoury

John KhouryJohn Khoury has worked in IT as a systems developer in the Netherlands for more than10 years. His education, interest and experiences in psychology, personal development, health and science has led him to bring human technologies and information technologies together in this exciting little project. .

Roeland Raijmakers

Roeland Raijmakers

Graduated from the Higher Hotel School in Maastricht. After a few years working in ritzy Amsterdam hotels, he moved to Madrid to work as a web designer and marketer.