Eagle River, WI
Life Coaches

Dream of finding a teaching job teaching online? Is it even possible, you might ask yourself? Yes, I want to assure you that it definitely is possible and what is more, there are open jobs right now just waiting for someone with your skills to apply!

, Certified Master Life Coach
Nashua, NH
Life Coaches

Life Coaching can improve your life. Life Coaching concentrates on you and your goals, wants and dreams. Life Coaching is a partnership between coach and client and it is about moving forward.

, Personal & Professional Development Consultant
Pittsburgh, PA
Life Coaches

The "Self-Designed Life" is what Mental Health & Personal Development Coach Lisa Miles has been advocating for 25 years as a Counselor, Author, Speaker, Creative Artist and Performer, passionately "engaging individuals around sense of self."

, Pastor/NLP Practitioner/Coach
Rocky River, OH
Life Coaches

Rev. Charles Eduardos, Transformation Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, attentive listener, perceptive, intuitive, inspiring, enthusiastic, encourager. Works with individuals & organizations to help them identify and tackle their challenges.”

, Executive Coach
Executive and Business Coaches

Dr. Art has coached executives with Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurs and professionals. He has helped them thrive in the presence of overwhelming demands and burnout. www.ExecutiveStressCoach. com

, Counsellor/Life Coach; Yoga Facilitator; Teacher
Temecula, CA
Life Coaches

I take you on a journey to Self-discovery w/ the talents, energies, boundless capabilities, in the field of infinite possibilities and to see life as a creative expression of love that remains aware of the pitfalls & challenges in life.

, President/CE0/Senior Coach Specialist
Tulsa (but works internationally), OK
Executive and Business Coaches

Grey Matters International, Inc. and the world class coaching of Dr. Kevin Fleming infuse neuroscience insights into the quagmire of human behavior change when advice, therapy, 'regular coaches" and common sense have failed.