An insightful, inspired helping professional. Dr. Reece offers a six session course of life skills with a guaranteed refund of all fees if certain success is not obtained.

Reece Manley Doctoral Pastoral Counselor
Reece Manley
Doctoral Pastoral Counselor
15530 Lewis Place 4729
Addison, TX
United States
Average Rate: 120 per hour
Gender: Male
Spoken Languages: English

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Phone: 214-862-3675

Specialties & Methods

Specialties Methods & Approaches
Other Specialties: Evangelical Oppression Recovery, Conservative Christian Childhood Recovery
Other Methods & Approaches: Pastoral Counseling, Email Counseling, Phone Counseling

Associations & Degrees

Associations Degrees & Licenses
Other Degrees or Licenses: Doctor of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling, Registered Pastoral Counselor

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