Grey Matters International, Inc. and the world class coaching of Dr. Kevin Fleming infuse neuroscience insights into the quagmire of human behavior change when advice, therapy, 'regular coaches" and common sense have failed.

Dr. Kevin Fleming President/CE0/Senior Coach Specialist
Dr. Kevin Fleming
President/CE0/Senior Coach Specialist
2504 B E. 21st Street
Tulsa (but works internationally), OK
United States
Average Rate: 150 per hour
Gender: Male
Spoken Languages: English
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Phone: 888-833-4580

Specialties & Methods

Specialties Methods & Approaches
Other Specialties: BA, MA, and PhD neuropsychologist from the University of Notre Dame
Other Methods & Approaches: Neuroscience-based, behavior change focused, reality-based, the

Associations & Degrees

Associations Degrees & Licenses

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Other Associations: World Business Academy
Other Degrees or Licenses: Predoctoral Internship in Professional Psychology from Purdue University. Postdoctoral Residency in Consulting Psychology from the University of Wyoming

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