The "Self-Designed Life" is what Mental Health & Personal Development Coach Lisa Miles has been advocating for 25 years as a Counselor, Author, Speaker, Creative Artist and Performer, passionately "engaging individuals around sense of self."

Lisa  Miles Personal & Professional Development Consultant
Lisa Miles
Personal & Professional Development Consultant
35 Overlook Street
Pittsburgh, PA
United States
Average Rate: 45 per hour
Gender: Female
Spoken Languages: English

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Phone: 412-427-7673

Specialties & Methods

Specialties Methods & Approaches
Other Specialties: Self, Professional & Career Coaching, Leadership, Branding, Human Capital, Assertive Communication, Displaced Workers, Creative Therapy, Resiliency
Other Methods & Approaches: MBTI, Emotional Intelligience

Associations & Degrees

Associations Degrees & Licenses

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Other Associations: National Alliance for Mental Illness; previous Mental Health counselor
Other Degrees or Licenses: Previous PA & OH state teaching certifications

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