Renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks on the relatively unknown phenomenon of visual hallucinations experienced by the blind. "We see with our eyes, but also with our brain."

This is one of the fathers of NLP explaining how they got started and how they are different from other schools of Psychology.

Daniel Goleman gives a seminar at Google describing how social intelligence goes beyond traditional IQ as a determining factor for success.

Google Tech Talks showcases their Search Inside Yourself program aimed at developing psychological flexibility and wellbeing.

Daniel Gilbet is a professor of Psychology at Harvard University and the author of Stumbling on Happiness. Here he explains how we actually have a hard time predicting what will make us happy and examines the notion of synthesizing happiness.

Amy Tan is a novelist who gets a chance to explain the creative process at TedTalks.

Carl Rogers was one of the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology. He describes how he applies its principles to counselling in this video.

The noted neurologist, Vilayanur Ramachandran, gives a seminar at Ted Talk on the inner workings of the brain.

Here is the famous psychologist Stephen Pinker giving a lecture on human nature.

A wellness psychiatrist is discussing alternatives to drugs and medication she uses in her practice.

Pretty controvertial guy. He does some impressive things using mind manipulation. This one is absolutely incredibile.

Carl Jung giving an interview on how people psychologically perceive death.

Bit of a denouncement of psychiatry. If any psychiatrists are watching this, I'd be interested in their comments.

A little role-playing clip of a therapist interviewing Freud. It's basically just trying to spice up an explanation of Learned Optimism from the Positive Psychology movement started by Martin Seligman.

I couldn't find a clip of Wright himself, so this is just Bill Clinton singing the praises of this incredible book.