Daniel Goleman talks about his new book Social Intelligence, but also his popular book Emotional Intelligence. He lays out the differences in value of high IQ vs high EQ. He also describes an interesting methodology called "competence modeling" where employers look at the traits of the people who have already been successful within their organization and try to hire new people who have similar traits. In a sense at Google, IQ is seen more an a threshhold factor, meaning that it is needed to get your foot in the door, but beyond that, other factors - mostly softer skills, will determine eventual success. He also notes the top 6 distinguishing competencies in tech companies 1. singular drive to acheive - these people have high internal standards, and set chanllenging goals for themselves 2. influence - being able to make persuasive arguments 3. pattern recognition - to make essential connections and see the underlying issues 4. analysis - the ability to break things down systematically and draw logical conclusions 5. taking on challenges - initiative 6. self confidence - trusting your own judgement A noteable conclusion of his research on neural level is that your brain will make best use of its IQ when you are in an emotionally pleasant state Those who are too stressed about the world around them will have a hard time learning and staying focused on the task at hand. He explains that the “social brain”, a recent finding by scientists, is an element of emotional intelligence. These are circuits in the brain which are designed to socially connect with the brains of others. Did you know good leaders laugh three times more than mediocre leaders? That cracks me up. Spoiler alert: meditation helps us develop our social intelligence. Have a look, it's a very interesting video.

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